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You Gotta

Love Frontend

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YGLF 2020
goes digital!
Vilnius, Lithuania
24-28. August 2020
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What is yglf?
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The concept of “You Gotta Love Frontend”

(aka YGLF) was born in 2015. YGLF is a non-profit community event, built by developers for developers, aimed at delivering high-quality content on the hottest topics that every Frontend enthusiast needs to know.


YGLF brings in internationally recognized speakers, as well as attendees, and with the young and vibrant atmosphere of the Frontend community, YGLF creates an energetic hustle and bustle of software engineers from around the globe.


Since we’ve started with YGLF, it has been our honor and great pleasure, to produce three conferences in Israel and one in Ukraine. These days we are working hard on the events for 2019, which will take place both in Israel and, for the first time, in Lithuania.


At our events, you can spark the most interesting conversations between colleagues and strangers alike, and explore together some of that Frontend enticement over good food and beer. Don’t miss out on the fun and join the community!

past evnts

With every year that goes by, we expand in hope to reach new and exciting places, and play around with modern and old concepts within the Frontend realm to create original content for all.


Check out where we’ve been, and don’t be shy to drop us a line if you think YGLF might be just right in your city. Help us help your city fall in love with Frontend!

going global
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